Crazy Socks for Docs Day!

Here at Salus, my team is here to assist you with your foot and ankle problems. But it doesn’t stop there! We promote a healthy active lifestyle, adequate general foot care and strong bones. Yet we are community minded. I would like to highlight a few things that we are involved in and encourage you too, to support the local community and promote healthy living.

On June 7th it was CrazySocksforDocs Day! This day was instigated by a doctor from Melbourne to promote and support awareness for the mental health of doctors. If we are not feeling good, we can’t support, help and operate on you, our patients! Don’t forget to appreciate your doctor, as we have all spent years of hard training and continue lifelong education to provide you with the best health care we can. Australia has an amazing health care system, better than most in the world and it wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of the doctors.